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LongevinexAdvantage™ press release: Resveratrol Pills May Help You Live Longer, But Will You Look Any Younger?

Resveratrol Pills May Help You Live Longer, But Will You Look Any Younger?

While scientists believe they are on the frontier of discovering technologies that will produce super longevity, the curse of living ...

Posted: 05/11/2009
LongevinexAdvantage™ press release: Healthy living into your second century

Healthy living into your second century.

Americans can expect to live longer than their forefathers. But there is one curse of longevity that the mirror reveals - we all look old.

Posted: 05/11/2009
Studies & Reports
Study: Youthful Appearance Predicates Longevity

Youthful Appearance Predicates Longevity

Based upon a study of twins in their 70s, investigators report that the younger-looking twin will live significantly longer ...

Posted: 12/18/2009
Hyaluronan Is Natural Delivery System For Resveratrol, Other Small Molecules

Molecular Medicine: Hyaluronan Is Natural Delivery System For Resveratrol ...

Hyaluronan (HA), a component found in Longevinex Advantage™, is likely to prolong the half-life of resveratrol and ...

Posted: 05/20/2009
In the News
In the News: New Hints Seen That Red Wine May Slow Aging

New Hints Seen That Red Wine May Slow Aging

Red wine may be much more potent than was thought in extending human lifespan, researchers say in a new report that ...

Posted: 06/04/2008
In the News: Quest for youth drives craze for 'red wine' pills

Quest for youth drives craze for 'red wine' pills

Recent studies suggesting a substance in red wine could be a possible anti-aging elixir have sparked a surge in sales ...

Posted: 12/05/2006

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press release


Longevinex Advantage™ -- Resveratrol Pills May Help You Live Longer, But Will You Look Any Younger? New Longevinex Advantage™ Designed For Americans Who Want To Live Longer And Look Younger.

San Dimas, CA; Posted 05/11/2009 4:00 PM

While scientists believe they are on the frontier of discovering technologies that will produce super longevity, the curse of living longer is looking older. Now a new resveratrol-based dietary supplement -- Longevinex Advantage™ – has been designed for adults who want to live longer and look younger.

While Americans have recently heard about the prospect of an anti-aging pill in the form of red wine resveratrol (rez-vair-uh-trawl) pills on both CBS-Sixty Minutes and from Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, MD on the Oprah TV show, longevity has its price --- the loss of youthful appearance and activity levels with advancing age. Hair withers, skin wrinkles, joints creak, the voice becomes raspy. Selling longevity has a downside, the inevitable loss of youthful appearance and function, says Bill Sardi, spokesperson for Longevinex®.

Currently made resveratrol pills have one drawback, says Sardi, because they narrowly address cellular aging. The lifespan of humans will still be shortened if connective tissue – the extracellular “goo” that occupies space in between cells – is not maintained. With advancing years tissues lose their elasticity and become dehydrated, which results in visible signs of aging. Furthermore, as connective tissue ages, internal organs such as heart and arteries begin to collapse and lose their elasticity, which still means a rather limited lifespan, says Sardi.

The primary reason for these aging changes is the gradual loss of a key water-gelling molecule called hyaluronan (hi-al-u-ron-an) that serves as a space filler, cushioning and hydrating agent in the skin, eyes, hair and joints. Infants and young females (due to estrogen) have abundant levels of hyaluronan and exhibit soft skin, scarless wound healing, thick hair and extra-flexible joints -- the visible signs of youthfulness.

Longevinex Advantage™ provides ingredients that help to restore youthful levels of hyaluronan again. A unique source of pure oral hyaluronan is provided which stimulates fibroblast cells in the body to produce more hyaluronan, along with molecules like resveratrol, quercetin, anthocyanins, catechin and ferulic acid (all known as red wine molecules) that inhibit the enzyme that breaks down hyaluronan (hyaluronidase) and helps to maintain hyaluronan once it is produced.


The price of long life: looking old

Surveys show Americans don’t widely embrace the idea of taking anti-aging pills and living longer because of the prospect of living more years with limited mobility, eyesight and mental function. In response to a report in AARP Magazine that an anti-aging pill appears to be on the horizon, most senior Americans responded in an online poll by saying they would not take such a pill because it would increase the quantity of life without maintaining the quality of life. The advent of a dietary supplement like Longevinex Advantage™ that puts “more life in your years rather than just years in your life” is likely to be more broadly welcomed, says Sardi.

In fact, many Americans are more interested in retaining a youthful appearance than they are in living longer. Just look at the number of people who use hair dye, skin creams, wear contact lenses, and elect to undergo plastic surgery, in an effort to retain a youthful appearance. Compare that to the few who practice calorie restriction or take an anti-aging pill to prolong their lifespan, says Sardi.


Living longer already

Americans are living longer. Twenty-five percent of Americans today will live beyond the age of 92. Many Americans have begun to take resveratrol pills like Longevinex®, in hopes of extending their lives another 20 to 30 healthy years. Biologists now say the 120-year lifespan may soon become the norm.

Longevinex® was the first nutriceutical to stabilize resveratrol in a micronized and microencapsulated dietary supplement and has been shown in animal studies to activate far more longevity genes than a calorie-restricted diet or plain resveratrol alone. Longevinex® has also been shown to reduce markers of oxidation and inflammation in a study of endurance athletes. So far, it is the only resveratrol-based supplement to undergo testing.

The combination of resveratrol and hyaluronan is the subject of an applied-for patent. To learn more about Longevinex Advantage™ please visit www.longevinexadvantage.com

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